Physics problems: dynamics



Problem 8.

As part a of the drawing shows, two blocks are connected by a rope that passes over a set of pulleys. The block 1 has a weight of 400 N, and the block 2 has a weight of 600 N. The rope and the pulleys are massless and there is no friction.

(a) What is the acceleration of the lighter block?

(b) Suppose that the heavier block is removed, and a downward force of 600 N is provided by someone pulling on the rope, as part b of the drawing shows. Find the acceleration of the remaining block.



Problem 9.

Part a of the drawing shows a block suspended from the pulley; the tension in the rope is 80 N. Part b shows the same block being pulled up at a constant velocity. What is the tension in the rope in part b ?





Problem 31.

A circus clown weighs 900 N. The coefficient of static friction between the clown's feet and the ground is 0.4. He pulls vertically downward on a rope that passes around three pulleys and is tied around his feet. What is the minimum pulling force that the clown must exert to yank his feet out from under himself?







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